A novel biorefinery concept
for mushroom compost
The BIOrescue project aims to demonstrate a resource-efficient biorefinery concept
for mushroom compost that will allow its transformation into valuable bio-based
products such as bio-pesticides, biodegradable nano-carriers for drugs or fertiliser
encapsulation and bio-based horticultural fertilisers.
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BIOrescue featured in the Hub Ireland Newsletter

The BIOrescue project has been introduced in the 2nd edition of the Hub Ireland Newsletter, distributed in the framework of the AgriForValor project, aiming to support the creation of multi-actor innovation partnership networks in Europe.

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Towards innovative bio-based solutions in the mushroom industry

On 31 January 2017, Darragh Gaffney, Research and Development Manager at Monaghan Biosciences, took part in the Irish National Sustainability Summit to present the initiatives related to the development of a circular economy in the mushroom industry.

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BIOrescue partners deepen their knowledge on the mushroom production process in Monaghan

On 22 and 23 February 2017, several partners of the BIOrescue project met at Monaghan’s premises to better understand the different steps of the mushroom production process.

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“Bioeconomy policies should be better designed to ensure a cascading use of biomass”

In January, the European Parliamentary Research Service released a briefing presenting challenges and opportunities related to the bioeconomy sector.

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14 February 2017 / Dublin, Ireland

Innovate Ireland Conference and Exhibition

During its presentation entitled “Developing Enzyme Technology to Invest in a Sustainable Future”, Darragh Gaffney from Monaghan Mushrooms will present the solutions developed for enzyme production, immobilisation and recovery within the BIOrescue project and explain the various uses of enzyme technology for the creation of a circular economy in the mushroom industry.

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31 January 2017 / Dublin, Ireland

National Sustainability Summit 2017

The BIOrescue project and novel biorefinery process will be introduced to an audience of around 1000 researchers and industry representatives by Darragh Gaffney from Monaghan Mushrooms at the Irish National Sustainability Summit.

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