Bioeconomy classes taught to young students


In Ireland, the future generation is being prepared to become full actors of the country’s bioeconomy strategy. In that sense, the annual set of industry lessons designed by the national Science and Technology in Action educational programme is including this year a bioeconomy school kit. The kit designed in cooperation with Monaghan Biosciences and other Irish actors in the bioeconomy sector, explains what is the bioeconomy about and provides practical examples of topics that are being addressed by the sector currently in Ireland.

Several EU-funded projects, including BIOrescue, figure amongst the cases introduced in the kit. In addition, the kit proposes key learning points, activities, questionnaires, as well as references to help teachers presenting this rising topic in class. Amongst the activities offered, students will be invited to think about solutions to reduce waste and promote the use of bio-based material, to explore the assets and limits of biomass heating systems and to assess the expected benefits of Irish investments in the bioeconomy sector. To guide students towards their future career paths, the kit also mentions key universities and research centres, as well as industry partners active in Irish bioeconomy projects.

The school kit was launched at the beginning of 2019 by the Irish Minister of Education, Mr Joe McHugh during a dedicated event, and has now been distributed to all secondary schools in the country.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to have a look at the lesson kit and browse through the website of Monaghan Biosciences to discover their contribution to make bioeconomy a reality.