A novel biorefinery concept
for mushroom compost
The BIOrescue project aims to demonstrate a resource-efficient biorefinery concept
for mushroom compost that will allow its transformation into valuable bio-based
products such as bio-pesticides, biodegradable nano-carriers for drugs or fertiliser
encapsulation and bio-based horticultural fertilisers.
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BIOrescue project: halfway to success

Discussing the first achievements and planning the way towards project’s end: that is BIOrescue partners’ objectives for their mid-term project meeting, to be held on 14 and 15 February in Chester. The meeting will be hosted by the Exploitation...

On the way to a more sustainable mushroom industry

While natural resources are depleting, agriculture professionals focus their efforts on research and innovation to make their production processes more circular. Back in 2014, Monaghan Mushrooms, one of the world’s largest…

Factsheet #4 Bio-based nanocarriers to treat plant diseases

In our fourth factsheet, we showcase a new product created within the project: bio-based nanocarriers that can be used for targeted plant treatment.

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BIOrescue creates affordable and sustainable biopesticides

BIOrescue coordinator, the Spanish Renewable Energy Centre (CENER), has demonstrated the production of affordable and sustainable biopesticides from the bioconversion of used mushroom compost together with other underutilised biomass.

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Factsheet #3 Improved enzymes for more efficient bioconversion

The third factsheet of our series explains how BIOrescue partners managed to improve the enzymatic hydrolysis process, maximising its efficiency for both lignin and sugars conversion.

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Factsheet #2 Ultra rapid biomass analysis

Our second factsheet presents the novel methodology of BIOrescue partner Celignis Analytical to analyse biomass composition in only one day, using Near Infrared Spectroscopy analysis.

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04 April 2019 / Brussels, Belgium

Towards a circular agro-food industry

After three years of work, partners are looking forward to sharing their findings and debating on the future European policy framework to foster the adoption of circular business practices in the agro-food industry at the occasion of project’s final policy conference that will be held on 4 April 2019 in Brussels (Thon Hotel EU, rue de la Loi 75).

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28 February 2019 / Mainz, Germany

Building sustainable value chains for the bio-based industry

Looking towards the project’s end, the BIOrescue consortium is pleased to invite all interested stakeholders, including partners from other biorefinery projects, to discuss the challenges and opportunities arising from the exploitation of sustainable biomass sources in Europe for the commercialisation of new bio-based products.

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