A novel biorefinery concept
for mushroom compost
The BIOrescue project aims to demonstrate a resource-efficient biorefinery concept
for mushroom compost that will allow its transformation into valuable bio-based
products such as bio-pesticides, biodegradable nano-carriers for drugs or fertiliser
encapsulation and bio-based horticultural fertilisers.
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New Strategic Innovation Research Agenda for the European bioeconomy

On 21 June 2017, the Bio-Based Industries Consortium published an updated version of its Strategic Innovation Research Agenda (SIRA).

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Nine months of work on the BIOrescue biorefinery process celebrated in Monaghan

After nine months of intensive work to kick-start the activities necessary for the validation of the BIOrescue biorefinery process, project partners met on 19 and 20 June 2017 in Monaghan, Ireland, to share their first results and plan the next steps.

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Fostering knowledge transfer for a more circular economy: CENER’s role explained

Spain’s National Renewable Energy Centre is a key player in the deployment of innovative circular economy concepts in Europe.

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From mushroom compost to low-cost biopesticides: the BIOrescue recipe

On 8 June 2017, Inés del Campo presented the innovative biorefinery process currently developed within BIOrescue, at the 2nd Biopesticides Europe Conference in Madrid, Spain.

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14 February 2017 / Dublin, Ireland

Innovate Ireland Conference and Exhibition

During its presentation entitled “Developing Enzyme Technology to Invest in a Sustainable Future”, Darragh Gaffney from Monaghan Mushrooms will present the solutions developed for enzyme production, immobilisation and recovery within the BIOrescue project and explain the various uses of enzyme technology for the creation of a circular economy in the mushroom industry.

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31 January 2017 / Dublin, Ireland

National Sustainability Summit 2017

The BIOrescue project and novel biorefinery process will be introduced to an audience of around 1000 researchers and industry representatives by Darragh Gaffney from Monaghan Mushrooms at the Irish National Sustainability Summit.

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