Growing cooperation among actors from the bio-based industry


The BIOrescue project was represented by CENER at the last General Assembly of the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) held in Brussels on 16 February 2017. At this occasion, the consortium welcomed 38 new members, showing a growing willingness to cooperate among actors from the bioeconomy sector.

To foster the emergence of collaborative projects among bio-based industry stakeholders, the Bio-based Industries consortium brings together experts from various sectors such as the agriculture, agro-food, forestry, pulp and paper, chemicals, energy and other manufacturing sectors. Together, these experts covering the whole bioeconomy value chain work together on the development of innovative bio-based products and processes.

Among BIOrescue project partners, five organisations (CLEA Technologies, MetGen, Monaghan Mushrooms, CENER and the University of Naples Federico II) are already members of the Bio-based Industry Consortium. During the matchmaking event following the General Assembly, several project representatives had the opportunity to introduce other participants to the novel biorefinery concept that will be created within BIOrescue.

For more information, you can visit the Bio-based Industries Consortium website and discover the full list of its members here.